AUWEKO "city boxes" can be found in airports, railway stations, shopping centres, exhibition halls, banks, administrative centres, retail chains, urban areas and stadiums. Inside and outside. All over the world. For 25 years, AUWEKO has been developing collection systems for recyclable materials that combine great design, functionality and robust construction. Additionally, these systems are designed to include integrated information panels that allow communities or owners of public buildings and installations to display information of their choice, or can be used as advertising space, the costs of which are quickly recovered by investing in this system. AUWEKO offers a wide range of products including everything from recyclable material separation systems to smoking terminals. From hanging boxes to the sturdy standing module. Systems with everything from patented, certified fire prevention to vandalism protection.

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  • Grunnleggelsesår 1993
  • Bedriftens natur Bedriftens natur Hovedkontor, Morselskap
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  • Søppelkasser, avfallsbeholdere
  • Waste containers
  • Refuse bins
  • Paper recycling bins
  • Standing ashtrays
  • Wall-mounted ashtrays
  • Recyclable waste collectors
  • refuse containers
  • separate waste collection
  • Collection systems for recyclable materials
  • Refuse box
  • Waste box
  • Waste boxes
  • Refuse boxes
  • Boxes for recyclable materials
  • Hanging refuse containers
  • Hanging refuse box
  • stainless steel dustbins
  • rubbish bins
  • dustbins
  • refuse containers
  • Refuse containers
  • waste pails
  • waste baskets for garbage
  • Boxes for waste storage
  • rubbish bins and bags
  • waste recycling
  • paper recycling
  • glass recycling
  • rubbish bins for differentiated collection
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