EVOLUTION has been an Austrian owner-operated family business for over 30 years. Our headquarters are in Villach, in the Lake Wörthersee region. As a leading manufacturer of innovative, natural dietary supplements and organic cosmetics, we are the specialist for holistic products in the field of health, figure, fitness and beauty. The holistic products of the EVOLUTION brand are registered and protected in the trademark register. Since 1987, they have been successfully distributed through pharmacies, organic food stores, beauty and wellness hotels, our own sales department and our partners. What does holistic mean for us? Only through the combination of coarse and subtle energies can we achieve optimal bioavailability and effect with our natural food supplements. But not only that; through our quality criteria, we also prove that we are holistic in harmony with nature. Evolution products are manufactured according to strict international quality standards.

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  • Basis-Entgiftung mit den EVOLUTION-Produkten - Entgiftungspyramide
  • Basis-Entgiftung mit den EVOLUTION-Produkten - Ergänzung
  • Basis-Regeneration von EVOLUTION - Ganzheitliche Darmgesundheit

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  • Vitaminer og provitaminer
  • Proteiner - tilsetningsstoffer
  • Micronutrients
  • Trace elements
  • Spagyric herbal drops
  • Spagyrics
  • dietary supplements
  • Natural products
  • Organic cosmetics, animal-friendly, vegan
  • Mineral products
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Phytohormones
  • Medicinal plants
  • Secondary plant substances
  • MSM
  • Immune-boosting herbs
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Anti-ageing products
  • Stress
  • Heart health
  • Prevention
  • Mitochondria
  • Weight loss
  • Figure
  • natural-based cosmetics
  • amino-acids
  • natural medicines
  • antioxidants
  • enzymes
  • inflammations
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  • Grunnleggelsesår 1987
  • Hovedvirksomhet Hovedvirksomhet Tilvirker/ Produsent

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