Kenza-Wood LLC is Russian manufacturer of impregnated and unimpregnated pine and spruce stakes, and half-round rails.
The company produces cylindered and debarked stakes, which are deeply impregnated in autoclave through the «Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum» technology by using antiseptic in accordance with the 3rd and 4th classes of wooden impregnation.

The main advantage of impregnated stakes and half-round rails is durability and environmental friendliness - impregnated wood don’t oxidize the soil and thus don’t harm garden and berry crops. Impregnated wooden products can be used up to 20 years.

Areas of use of wooden stakes and half round rails:
-intensive fruit orchards;
-paddock fences;
-wildlife protection;
-pasture fences;
-decorative garden constructions.

Kenza-Wood has been operating on the market since 2019 and has a geography of sales across Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

Delivery is carried out from the company's warehouse by means of transport companies or customer's own transport.

Our company accepts Incoterms EXW and FCA as the main terms of delivery of products but we’re also ready to discuss the terms offered by our clients.

Please take a note that we make only products mentioned in company’s description and postings. Company’s manufacturing center is located in Khokhlovo, Vologda Region and sales office is located in Saint-Petersburg.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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