Based in Gummersbach/Germany, NRC International GmbH has established itself as a well-known company in the field of NITROX in only a few years. The company is a global leader and is renowned for its perfect solutions in producing NITROX breathing gases. NRC-NITROX membrane systems for the safe and economically effective production of NITROX breathing gases up to NITROX40 can be found in the most beautiful and demanding diving resorts in the world. They guarantee the problem-free supply of NITROX for divers the world over. The quality and economic efficiency of our NRC-NITROX membrane systems is unique while their reliability is unrivalled. The entire NRC gas logistics product range is produced with industrial quality meeting the very highest demands, designed for future-proof long-term use. Accordingly, our systems have proved themselves in the most remote areas of the diving world. Technology you can rely on.

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