OLIGO surface controls has been offering individual and optical solutions for paint and surface control in the automotive, steel, furniture, plastics, ceramics and paper industries as well as in all branches of industry for surface coating and surface treatment worldwide for more than 20 years. We design and develop lighting systems according to the needs of our customers. Surface control. State-of-the-art light technologies make even minimal surface defects or tiny irregularities visible. Producers can quickly take corrective action, reduce expensive waste and ensure high, consistent quality. Colour sampling. Complex formulations, surface finishes, even different raw materials and materials of the substrate carriers can unintentionally lead to colour deviations in the manufacture of industrial products. Our ColorMatching system makes colour deviations visible and process corrections can be initiated promptly and effectively.

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  • Produkt- og materialtesting
  • Colour sampling booths
  • Lighting systems for visual quality controls
  • Surface control booths
  • ColorMatching
  • Colour sampling
  • Surface control
  • Surface inspection
  • Workplace illumination
  • Tabletop booths
  • Mobile stands
  • Automatic controls for lighting systems
  • Manual controls for lighting systems
  • Optical quality assurance systems
  • Quality control systems
  • Quality assurance
  • Surface coating
  • Workplace lighting
  • built-in floor lighting
  • industrial lighting
  • Booth lighting
  • LED lights
  • high-tech lights
  • Special-purpose lighting
  • UV lights
  • Surface control lighting
  • Optical quality control
  • quality control
  • automotive industry
  • Surface treatment
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