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Paritet-RK is a manufacturer of photoluminescent film, adhesive tape, laminating sheets, luminous tape for making indoor evacuation signs and signalling panels and boards. Main products and services of the company: • photoluminescent film and sheets for direct printing and lamination; • photoluminescent pointers and evacuation plans; • photoluminescent safety signs; • photoluminescent tapes; • photoluminescent background light screens; • Retroreflective film based on Daoming glass beads; • decorative and souvenir products with photoluminescent properties and the film used for their manufacture; • printing on photoluminescent film and making customised luminescent products. The manufacturer produces FES-24 film, which completely complies with sanitary regulations, which is confirmed by relevant certificates. Paritet-RK has been a manufacturer of photoluminescent products since 2013, the company offers films, tapes and sheets, after-sales service support and consulting. Automated processes and continous production enable the company to ensure just-in-time deliveries all over the world. Safety articles by Paritet-RK are in high demand by companies engaged in OHS and fire protection activities. Retroreflective safety signs are effective in underground utilities, photoluminescent signs are effective in darkness when there is an emergency shutdown of workplace lighting.

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