PlantaCorp GmbH is an ISO 22000, GMP-certified, Hamburg-based liposomal food supplement manufacturer. Our unique "Made in Germany" encapsulation technology provides our customers with highly effective liposomal food supplements with increased bioavailability. PlantaCorp manufactures liquid liposomal food supplements in accordance with the highest HACCP standards. Our flexibility allows individual, customized formulations for liposome contract manufacturing. We also offer a portfolio of ready-to-sell formulations as a white label option.

As part of PlantaCorp's mission to produce highly effective, maximally absorbable formulations, we use scientific findings in the development of our liposomal formulations. Our R&D team researches ingredients from plant extracts, minerals and vitamins and works on liposomal formulations that compensate for specific nutrient deficiencies. Further, we use GMO-free, high-quality sunflower lecithin from Europe (>97% phospholipids) to make our liposomes. Our advanced vital substances encapsulation technology is patent pending.

PlantaCorp's production process is strictly confidential. We are able to provide EU-compliant documentation and share our experiences regarding EU regulations, with you. We can also advice you on product formulations and labeling.

Together, with our clients, our goal is to make advanced food supplement technologies a trusted standard for a global audience.

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