Plogsties GmbH is happy to welcome you to its website. Our range of products encompasses all types of pressed, turned and punched components, manufactured with high precision and to certified quality standards. We specialise in the manufacturing of special components and drawing components, from individual items to large-scale production as well as initial sampling in accordance with the VDA with PPAP etc. We utilise all types of materials, surfaces, heat treatments and coatings and also provide inspection and approval certificates. We are licensed to deliver MAThread™ special screws worldwide. As a supplier, we have been a reliable partner for over 20 years to well-known manufacturers all over the world that operate in the sectors of automotive and industrial vehicle engineering, the electrical industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and aircraft construction. We have had our own screw manufacturing facilities in Turkey since June 2011, and this has allowed us to guarantee our customers long-term, dependable certified quality as well as a high level of product availability.

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  • Stål og metaller - maskinell bearbeiding
  • Fasteners
  • Stamping parts
  • Bent parts
  • Semi-tubular rivets
  • Contract sorting
  • Screws made to order
  • Solid rivets (commercial rivets)
  • CNC precision parts
  • Pressed parts
  • Full tubular rivets
  • cold extruded parts
  • turned small parts
  • special screws
  • Axels
  • Automatic lathe parts
  • spindles
  • bushings
  • moulded, stamped and drawn parts
  • nuts
  • precision milling
  • CNC punched parts
  • customised special screws and bolts
  • c.n.c milling
  • CNC turned parts
  • Cold heading
  • small precision parts in metal
  • Special screw
  • CNC bending parts
  • cnc bending
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