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TARTAK GALKA is a Polish company specialised in wood transport and goods transport services. The growth of our company over a number of years, led in 2013 to the formation of partnership Trak-Drew, which currently is a leader in the production of pallet blanks.80% of wood for manufacturing is acquired by the company from the state owned forest, 100% PEFC certifi ed, other 20% of material comes from Slovakia. We are proud to mention that the company has a fl eet of trucks at its disposal which largely makes the job easier and enables us to meet the demands of our customers that look for quick and safe delivery of goods.Modern technology, perfect manufacturing organization and certified materials have resulted in a better quality of our products, provided through PEFC international certification. Our products : - Wooden pallets - Pallet blank - Sawn timber - Square timber - Woodchips - Sawdust - Tree bark. We are a creative company, open to present market requirements. We promote development and continuous improvement so that our products could satisfy needs and requirements of our customers. Thanks to the family tradition and extensive experience we are very highly regarded on both national and foreign markets. All interested parties are invited to the cooperation with our company! Visit our website or contact us for more information !

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