For years, Technoform has been among the world's most acclaimed suppliers in the plastic extrusion industry. The specialist company develops and produces complex extruded profiles for technical industrial applications, especially in the energy, automotive, aviation and construction sectors. Today, some metal components are already being replaced with Technoform products in these sectors. Our customers particularly value TKP's expertise in solution-oriented development with which the company faces each new task. High precision (± 0.05 mm), very smooth surfaces and perfectly sharp outlines, as well as our ability to highly precisely manufacture internally calibrated hollow profiles, expand the range of applications of our products. Our fast processes and exemplary quality of our end products set us apart from the competition.

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  • Profiler av plast
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  • Profiles made from glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Technical-grade plastic parts
  • Plastic parts for high-temperature applications
  • Plastic parts for measurement and control technology
  • Plastic components for medical technology
  • Plastic components for the lighting industry
  • Extruded pipes
  • Plastic profiles, extruded
  • plastic hoses
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