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Umixmart is a foodstuff supplier that has built lasting relationships with customers by providing high-quality food products for all budgets and aiming to expand  market in the Middle East countries. Our assortment consists mainly of products from Ukrainian, Brazilian and Argentinian farmers. We export it to countries Middle East, Europe and Asia. The chicken product assortment contains of: chilled or frozen whole chicken, leg quarter, boneless chicken (shawarma), chicken drumstick, chicken mid-joint wings, paws, feet, etc. The beef products that we have prepared for our customers include such cuts as: ribeye, bavetta, shank, neck, eye round, flank, shoulder and sirloin. We also offer roast beef, wing, brisket, trimming, scions, stomachs, livers and flanks. Providing healthy and nutritious food that promotes people’s well-being is very important for our company. As the main supplier of food and beverages to the market of United Arab Emirates and Middle East countries, Umixmart meets customers’ growing demand for healthy food products and ingredients We cooperate only with factories and plants which are certified according with international standards of food processing. For Muslim market we provide Halal certified products.

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