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  • 3D-TEC E.K.
    TYSKLAND- Düsseldorf
    3D-TEC E.K. - Verified by Europages

    3D-TEC e.K. was founded on 23rd June 2014 in Düsseldorf as an individual enterprise. The company was set up to offer services and products in the area of 3D printing, retail of components for 3D...

    Leverandør av: 3D-programvarer | 3D-scanner | 3D-skrivere | 3d printing accessories | 3d prototypes and prints [+] 3d printing | plastic filaments for 3d printing | 3d design work | rubber stamps | 3d design | 3d modelling software | 3d animation | cad development | laser cutters | 3d laser etching

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    TYSKLAND- Wassenberg
    MKS MASCHINEN HANDELS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are engaged in international trade of graphic machines and accessories. Our good service with over 22 years of experience confirms our position in the worldwide market. Our serious and...

    Leverandør av: printing machines for 3d printing | accessories for printing machines | Stifting, innbinding og etterbehandling | Maskinverktøy til bretting | Kontinuerlig trykking [+] cutting machines | wire stitching machines | printing machines, digital | used printing machines | sheet-fed offset printing machines | web offset machines | digital printing machines | gluing machines for collapsible boxes | bookbinding machines | industrial cutting machine tools

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    TYSKLAND- Sonneberg
    BKL 3D GMBH - Verified by Europages

    From additive manufacturing in metal/3D printing with close contour tempering and topology optimisation, to 3D laser texturing and machining, bkl 3d is your experienced service expert. bkl 3dGmbH,...

    Leverandør av: 3d printing | 3d printing in aluminium | 3d printing in titanium | 3d printing in special steel | 3d printing hot-working steel [+] Fresing av stål og metaller | 3d laser etching | laser welding | steel cnc milled parts | stainless steel cnc milled parts | small batch productions for technical production parts | 3d design work | rapid manufacturing | aluminium cnc milled parts | cnc milled parts made of copper

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    TYSKLAND- Friedberg
    VOXELJET AG - Verified by Europages

    voxeljet - your partner for productivity in industrial 3D printing voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems for the toolless production of molds and models for various...

    Leverandør av: 3d prototypes and prints | 3d printing | 3d printing systems | Generell mekanikk - bestillingsarbeid | Modellbygging [+] Former og modeller | quick prototyping | 3d printer | sand casting | earth casting | machine building | concrete formwork | 3d modelling | 3d design work | 3d design

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    TYSKLAND- Biedenkopf
    FKM SINTERTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    FKM is a pioneer in selective laser sintering (SLS) in Germany and Europe. Since 1994, we have played a part in a revolutionary process of rethinking within the industry. Where previously tool and...

    Leverandør av: 3d print | 3d printing service | 3d printing service provider | plastic 3d printing | metal 3d printing [+] industrial 3d printing | Industrielle prototyper | quick prototyping | prototypes built | rapid manufacturing | additive manufacturing | additive production | laser sintering | laser sintering | selective laser sintering

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  • isel Germany AG is a fully owned by the isel Group, with business locations at Eichenzell (Hessen), Dermbach (Thuringia) and Berlin (Charlottenburg). The production, storage and office facilities...

    Leverandør av: 3D-skrivere | 3d printing applications | Automatisering - rådgivning | Profiler og stenger av ikke-jernholdige metaller | Roboter [+] Stål og metaller | Automatisk navigering - utstyr | Sensorer | robot applications | linear guides | ball screw | aluminium rods | engines | stepping motors | linear axes

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    TYSKLAND- Borgholzhausen
    SCHILDMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As a consultation and sales specialist, Schildmann GmbH provides all the necessary materials for silk-screen printing, as well as equipment for plate making and printing. Screen emulsions, capillary...

    Leverandør av: screen printing machine accessories | printing accessories | Trykking | Setting, fotosetting og dypetsing | Reprografi [+] Serigrafi | smd silk screen sheets | silk-screen printing workshop | silk-screen printing on plastic materials | copolymer | presses | custom printing | screen inks | layout production | screen stretching service

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  • PFM, LLC
    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    PFM, LLC - Verified by Europages

    LLC PFM is a professional manufacturer of mannequins & crafts since 2002. With complete fiberglass mannequins producing lines, come out 500-2000 mannequins per month; With experienced &...

    Leverandør av: 3d prototypes and prints | 3d printing | Utstillingsfigurer | Butikker - innredning | Utstillingsstativer til butikker [+] Artikler til vindusdekorasjon | shop furnishings | window displays | display rack | interior design | adjustable mannequins | torsos | clothing displays | manufacturer of statues and sculptures | accessories for window displays

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    HARZ LABS, LLC - Verified by Europages

    HARZ Labs company was established in 2017 after 5 years of research in polymer chemistry. We are based in Moscow, Russia. In 2018 our company opened its first representative office and warehouse in...

    Leverandør av: 3D-skrivere | dental resins for 3d printing | production of resins for 3d printing | Harpiks | Naturlig harpiks [+] Syntetisk harpiks | Polymerer | Tannteknikk - produkter | Tannteknikk - tilbehør | Kjemi - basisprodukter og avledede produkter | castable resins | dental prostheses | plastic materials and resins | anti-vegetation resins | photopolymers

    Merker : HARZ Labs

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    TEXEL - Verified by Europages

    Texel is involved in 3D scanning research, applying deep machine learning algorithms, and developing software for processing 3D copies. Texel’s solutions for professional scanning of a person, the...

    Leverandør av: 3D-programvarer | 3D-scanner | 3d printing figurines | avatar creation | three-dimensional models [+] 3d digitalisation | 3d avatar | 3d body measurement | 3d body scanner | 3d fitting room | 3d model generation | 3d model scanner | 3d scanner manufacturing | 3d scanning | anthropometric survey

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  • Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH produces high-performance wearing parts for the international printing and packaging industry. Our application areas range from narrow web label printing through wide...

    Leverandør av: printing accessories | flexo printing accessories | accessories for printing machines | Vanntette pakninger | Gummipakninger [+] scrapers | chamber doctor blade end seals | doctor blades | filter materials for the printing industry | filter bags, filter pouches | wash up blades | offset requirements | chamber doctor blade systems | flexo printing decks for printing machines | spare parts for printing machines

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  • The company originally dealt only with the service for 3D printers. In the meantime, BURMS sells new and used 3D printers for various RM technologies, offers service and maintenance for many – even...

    Leverandør av: 3D-skrivere | 3d printing materials | 3d model calculation and printing service | basf resins for 3d printing | pro3dure resins for 3d printing [+] fun to do resins for 3d printing | henkel/loctide resins for 3d printing | keystone resins for 3d printing | graphy resins for 3d printing | miicraft resins for 3d printing | dreve resins for 3d printing | 3d cad and scanning service | spare parts for 3d printers | miicraft dlp printers | genera manufacturing systems

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    SVEITS- Lyss
    PRECIPART - Verified by Europages

    Precipart supplies customer-specific, micromechanical precision components to sophisticated industries. Typical products include instruments, implants, screws, panels, casings, pins, bushings,...

    Leverandør av: 3d slm | 3d printing | Keramikk - produkter til industrielle formål | Tannhjul | cnc turned parts [+] turned small parts | c.n.c milling | transmission gears | milling | mim injection moulding | metal injection moulding | milled parts | ceramic precision parts | cim injection moulding | additive manufacturing

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    TYSKLAND- Hamburg
    DUNLEE - Verified by Europages

    We are a leading provider of highly precise, 3D-printed components made from pure tungsten, with over a decade of experience. Our core expertise lies in processing pure tungsten in high quantities...

    Leverandør av: 3d prototypes and prints | 3d printing | 3d printing with tungsten | Medisinsk utstyr | Radiologi - filmer og tilbehør [+] 3d design work | medical articles | medical systems | tungsten | 3d printer | tungsten components | precision parts for medical technology | x-ray accessories | medical equipment | 3d constructions, design and modelling

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