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  • 3D-TEC E.K.
    TYSKLAND- Düsseldorf
    3D-TEC E.K. - Verified by Europages

    ...enterprise. The company was set up to offer services and products in the area of 3D printing, retail of components for 3D printing and the creation of technical drawings. In addition, services also include 3D...

    Leverandør av: 3D-programvarer | 3D-scanner | 3D-skrivere | 3d scanning service | 3d design [+] 3d animation | 3d machine | 3d digitalisation | 3d printing | 3d scanner | 3d design work | rubber stamps | 3d modelling software | cad development | laser cutters

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  • ...dealt only with the service for 3D printers. In the meantime, BURMS sells new and used 3D printers for various RM technologies, offers service and maintenance for many – even older – 3D printers and supplies its customers with spare...

    Leverandør av: 3D-skrivere | 3d cad and scanning service | 3d model calculation and printing service | 3d printing materials | spare parts for 3d printers [+] miicraft dlp printers | genera manufacturing systems | raplas sla machines | dlp light engines and projectors | basf resins for 3d printing | pro3dure resins for 3d printing | fun to do resins for 3d printing | henkel/loctide resins for 3d printing | keystone resins for 3d printing | graphy resins for 3d printing

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  • is able to perform topometric optical scans directly on-site, without the need to transfer the element in question. We also deal with mechanical constructions for the following sectors: energy, oil&gas, special...

    Leverandør av: Fresing av stål og metaller | Presisjonsmekanikk | milling | boring | machining of special steels [+] ferrous metal and alloy machining | precision machining | precision turning | metal turning | metal structural work | metal boring | metalworking | mechanical assembly | number control rolling | precision machine shops

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    TYSKLAND- Biedenkopf
    FKM SINTERTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    FKM is a pioneer in selective laser sintering (SLS) in Germany and Europe. Since 1994, we have played a part in a revolutionary process of rethinking within the industry. Where previously tool and...

    Leverandør av: 3d printing service | 3d printing service provider | Industrielle prototyper | quick prototyping | prototypes built [+] rapid manufacturing | additive manufacturing | additive production | 3d print | plastic 3d printing | metal 3d printing | industrial 3d printing | laser sintering | laser sintering | selective laser sintering

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    TEXEL - Verified by Europages

    Texel is involved in 3D scanning research, applying deep machine learning algorithms, and developing software for processing 3D copies. Texel’s solutions for professional scanning of a person, the...

    Leverandør av: 3D-programvarer | 3D-scanner | 3d digitalisation | 3d scanning | avatar creation [+] three-dimensional models | 3d avatar | 3d body measurement | 3d body scanner | 3d fitting room | 3d model generation | 3d model scanner | 3d printing figurines | 3d scanner manufacturing | anthropometric survey

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    Leverandør av: 3D-scanner

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    STORBRITANNIA- Nottingham

    Leverandør av: 3d design | Trykking

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  • Leverandør av: 3d modelling | Generell mekanikk - bestillingsarbeid | cad service

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    ITALIA- Peschiera Borromeo

    Leverandør av: 3D-scanner | scanning lasers | Optisk måling - apparater og instrumenter | contact free 3d measurement | quality control

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    FRANKRIKE- Herbignac

    Leverandør av: 3D-skrivere | electronic scanning devices for the industrial graphics sector | 3d laser scanners | engineering consulting

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