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  • ...are already being replaced with Technoform products in these sectors. Our customers particularly value TKP's expertise in solution-oriented development with which the company faces each new task. High precision (± 0.05 mm), very...

    Leverandør av: Profiler av plast | extruded pipes | plastic profiles, extruded | plastic hoses | coextruded profiles [+] development of plastic components | aircraft components | guide beads | plastic cable ducts | plastic semi-finished parts | industrial plastic components | plastic precision parts | plastic products | pp plastic profiles | fibre-reinforced plastic structural shapes

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  • ...production systems for electrochemical metal machining ECM, PECM and laser fine machining. From feasibility tests to series production, from classic machine solutions to completely new approaches. What's...

    Leverandør av: Automatisering - installasjoner og utstyr | electrochemical machining | electrochemical metal machining | ecm | electrochemical deburring [+] ecm deburring | ecm countersinking | ecm drilling | ecm system | ecm machine | ecm automation | ecm cross-drilling | pecm | pecm countersinking | pecm system

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    POLEN- Miechucino
    ESTIMET SP Z O.O. - Verified by Europages

    ESTIMET provides comprehensive services in sheet metal processing including services such as: cnc cutting (gas, plasma, laser and water cutting), bending and folding. We use the latest technologies...

    Leverandør av: metal products and small parts | Tilskjæring av stål og metaller | Krumming av stål og metaller | sheet cutting | oxygen cutting [+] water jet cutting | metal welding | laser cutting

    • Bøying av metallplater Bøying av metallplater
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    ITALIA- Somma Vesuviana

    Leverandør av: light metal structural work products | medium metal structural work products | Stål og metaller - maskinell bearbeiding

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