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    BELGIA- Brussels
    VISU HEALTH - Verified by Europages

    VISU HEALTH is specialised in the distribution of medical equipment. To deal with the current health situation and to protect you, we provide surgical masks, gowns, visors, hand sanitiser and other...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Medisinsk utstyr | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | disposable face masks | protective goggles and visors [+] disposable shirts | medical gown | hand gel | hand disinfectant | healthcare articles | medical articles | disposable medical articles | infrared ray thermometers | protective gloves | latex gloves

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    TYSKLAND- Bernburg
    BIOCHEM BERNBURG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    BIOCHEM Bernburg GmbH was established in 1991 as a trading and manufacturing company. Our main areas of expertise are now the manufacture of dialysis products, nutritional supplements and industrial...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | disinfectants | chemical products | sodium carbonate | ethanol [+] dialysis | dialysers | dialysis concentrates | disposable medical masks | ffp2 masks | corona antigen test | sars cov 2 antigen test kit | contract manufacturer | bottler | organic

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    TYSKLAND- Bielefeld
    DEMAN EUROPE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are DEMAN Europe, a Germany-based company that acts as your contact for the whole of Europe. Our Bielefeld site is a central location in the middle of eastern Westphalia. Spare parts, mechanical...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | diamond tools for the glass industry | flat glass processing machines

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  • Meppys 28g deLIGHT is the most lightweight, comfortable and successful protective face shield on the Austrian market – also suitable for glasses wearers and children. All info at –...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | face protection | protective goggles and visors | protective visor | protective face shield [+] face protection visor | face protection screen | face shield | face visor | adjustable face screen | face protection cap | buy protective visor | buy protective face shield | buy face protection visor | buy face protection screen

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    BELSI - Verified by Europages

    The Russian brand of designer furniture BELSI was founded in 2011. The creators of the project Alexey Sibilev and Nataliya Sibileva in their work are guided by the principle of "Love art and Enjoy...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Designmøbler | Innbo | Moderne møbler | Skolemøbler [+] Lenestoler | Barnehagemøbler | art furniture | bioenvironmentally-friendly furniture | chairs for children | children's desks | children's furniture and accessories | designer furniture | ergonomic chairs | furnishings and design

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    VLND LTD - Verified by Europages

    VLND Ltd is an established manufacturer based in the UK. Since 2013 we have become a leading manufacturer in the Health & Beauty industry and specialising in the manufacturing of medical masks along...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | medical | surgical | ppe | masks [+] facemasks | type 2 | protection | uk manufacturer | meltblown | 3 ply | sterile | non-sterile | disposable | single use

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    POLEN- Warsaw
    SOL-MILLENNIUM - Verified by Europages

    SOL-MILLENIUM is a global healthcare company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality medical devices and personal protective equipment for people, patients and...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | Sprøyter | Sprøytenåler | Medisinsk utstyr [+] protective coveralls | oximeter | needles for medical use | medical devices | healthcare articles | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | disposable syringes | disposable needles | disposable medical articles

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    FRANKRIKE- Aubervilliers
    PHARMA EXPRESS - Verified by Europages

    Pharma Express is specialised in the distribution of medical items. Under the Ajan brandname, we supply protective health equipment, namely masks to satisfy increasing demand during the current...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Medisinsk utstyr | masks | medical-sanitary articles | disposable medical articles [+] disposable gloves | disposable face masks | medical gloves | disposable medical gloves | vinyl gloves | protective gloves | disposable shirts | medical gown | hand gel | hand disinfectant

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    FRANKRIKE- Hœnheim
    ALSACE PROTECTION - Verified by Europages

    ALSACE PROTECTION is a family business based in Alsace, France. We have started to manufacture all types of medical supplies, focusing on producing only the best quality products. Operating worldwide...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Arbeids- og vernetøy | protective articles and garments | disposable medical gloves | protective work masks [+] protective suits | protective clothing | medical gloves | nitrile gloves | hand sanitiser | disposable blouses | apron | hand sanitizer solution distributor | ffp2 mask | washable protective masks

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    MEDI GLOBE - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Hansker | non-medical disinfectants | disinfectants | disinfectants [+] hand disinfectant | protective suits | protective goggles and visors | protective gloves | nitrile gloves | disposable gloves | latex gloves | disposable medical gloves | cleanroom wiper | antibacterial wipes

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    FRANKRIKE- Epinay Sous Senart
    XTREME SMART - Verified by Europages

    The company XTREME SMART specializing in wholesale sales and imports is based at EPINAY SOUS SENART, France. During this epidemic, Xtreme Smart undertakes to support you and help provide you with...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | masks | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | hand gel

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  • We are an Import/Export company founded in 1999, operating in the personal protective equipment sector and based in Yiwu, China. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the world...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | medical articles | protective work masks | masks | healthcare articles [+] wholesale office supplies | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | disposable medical articles | medical-sanitary articles | particle filter | medical and surgical equipment | disposable medical and surgical articles | ffp2 foldable filtering masks(with ear straps) | gx ffp2 filtering masks

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    FRANKRIKE- Bordeaux
    ETSE PROTECTIVE EQUIPEMENT - Verified by Europages

    ETSE supports professionals in France and worldwide in their Individual Protection Equipment needs. ETSE's medical branch provides a whole range of products which comply with European and American...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Hansker | disposable medical gloves | disposable gloves | protective suits [+] masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | medical gloves | goggles, safety | surgical gloves | nitrile gloves | gloves for medical examinations | vinyl gloves | disposable examination gloves | respiratory protection masks

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  • Dongguan Bingfulai Plastic & Electronic Co., Ltd. is a chinese company based in Dongguan. Since 2004, we are specialized in the manufacturing of protective equipment for medical use, mostly surgical...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | Medisinsk utstyr | Arbeids- og vernetøy | disposable face masks [+] protective work masks | medical and surgical equipment | masks for hospital use | disposable medical articles | medical articles | medical-sanitary articles | personal protection equipment | surgical masks | ffp2 masks | ffp3 masks

    Merker : Bingfulai

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    TYSKLAND- Nürnberg
    PRODENTIKA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ProDentika GmbH is an owner-managed company that relies on a well-staffed communication channel. Our customers are continuously informed and supported. To guarantee the correct design and exact...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | polyamides | dental implants | surgical suture material | ffp2 masks [+] respirator | medical face masks | disposable face masks | suture material for veterinary purposes | rapid virus test | implant prosthetics | polyglycolic acid | polyester | silk | surgical steel

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    TYSKLAND- Berlin
    YOUR MASK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With the foundation of Your Mask GmbH as a medium-sized family business, the aspect of quality of protective equipment is fundamentally the main focus. Each of the three brothers brings his expertise...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | accident-prevention articles | medical supplies | medical practice supplies | hospital supplies [+] reusable respiratory face masks | face masks | masks for everyday use | respiratory masks | disposable face masks

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    TYSKLAND- München
    CORE MEDICAL SUPPLY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    CORE MEDICAL IS YOUR RELIABLE SUPPLIER FOR MEDICAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. The demand for medical protective equipment related to COVID-19 is high. However, the supply on the market is small – at least...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | disposable shirts | accident-prevention articles | single-use protective clothing | respiratory face masks [+] disposable face masks | disposable surgical clothing | hospital supplies | nitrile (latex-free) medical investigation gloves | respiratory protection clothing | disposable medical supplies | infection and disease control equipment | hospital textiles | surgical accessories | ppe personal protection equipment

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  • TechniSat has been one of the leading German manufacturers in the field of consumer electronics for over 30 years. With about 1200 employees at eight sites, we develop and produce user-friendly and...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | disinfectants | masks for everyday use | respiratory masks | disposable face masks [+] filter mesh | melt-blown nonwovens | non-woven filter materials | nonwovens | non-woven fabrics for hygiene products

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  • With extensive experience in mechanical engineering, we have developed and built a production facility in Filstal, Swabia, as part of a Swabian technological partnership, to allow us to manufacture...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | personal protection devices | face masks | safety masks covering mouth and nose | masks covering mouth and nose [+] masks covering mouth and nose, sewn fully automatically | fabric masks | fabric masks, sewn fully automatically | regional production of safety masks | covid-19 safety masks | corona safety masks | washable safety masks | sewn safety masks, series production | covering for mouth and nose | sars protective equipment

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  • The Kloepfel Group consists of highly specialized service providers for sourcing and procurement. The group is represented by over 250 employees worldwide at 17 locations and in all relevant...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Stoffer - ikke-vevde | Kunstige og syntetiske stoffer | Tekniske tekstiler til medisinsk bruk | Tekstiler - import/eksport [+] Tekniske tekstiler | Tekniske tekstiler til industrielt bruk | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | personal protection equipment | disposable medical gloves | medical gown | technical fabrics | disinfectants | medical gloves | masks

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    FRANKRIKE- Puilboreau
    NGUYEN AND CO - Verified by Europages

    The company NGUYEN AND CO is in the business of importing and exporting vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs and honey. We have been selling frozen seafood products (salmon, prawns, Dublin Bay prawns,...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Honning | Dypfryst sjømat | Stoffer til medisinske formål | packaged scampi [+] scampi | honey | packaged salmon | salmon farming in the sea | masks | seafood | salmon | protective suits | masks for hospital use | packaged baby shrimps

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    STORBRITANNIA- Northwood
    VEPARA LTD - Verified by Europages

    Based in Watford, on the outskirts of London, Vepara Ltd. is proudly one of the largest stockholders of Pulse Oximeters, Digital Thermometers, Non-Contact Thermometers, Pocket Tissues. Antibacterial...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Termometre | Medisinsk utstyr | protective coveralls | disposable medical gloves [+] latex gloves | masks | oximeter | digital thermometers | wipes | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | disposable medical articles | medical articles | medical gloves

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    TYSKLAND- Rietberg
    ELLERMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    When Margarete Ellermann founded the company in 1985, she started as a sales representative, selling Batyline® fabrics from the company Taraflex® exclusively for Germany. She recognised the versatile...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Tekniske tekstiler til medisinsk bruk | Skillevegger | partitions, mobile | dividers, mobile, for offices [+] all-purpose protective clothing | disinfectant dispensers | respirator masks | disposable gowns | masks for everyday use | dividers, mobile | disposable medical supplies | protective jackets, medical | single-use lab clothing | single-use protective clothing

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    TYSKLAND- Harrislee
    NEKOUTEX GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker

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    TYRKIA- Cankaya / Ankara
    BYM MEDIKAL - Verified by Europages

    BYM MEDIKAL is a company based in Ankara, Turkey, specialized in the manufacture or distribution of medical products since 2012. Our product range includes masks, nitrile gloves, safety goggles and...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Medisinsk utstyr | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | Import/eksport av medisinsk og kirurgisk utstyr | disposable articles [+] disposable medical articles | medical articles | disposable face masks | safety goggles | protective visors | protective goggles and visors | disposable gloves | disposable medical gloves | medical gloves | nitrile gloves

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  • ABAKUS HealthCare provides health care products WORLDWIDE in the fight against the CORONAVIRUS. You are welcome to browse our products on our home page and, in particular, our long-term disinfectant...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | work jackets | disinfectants | disposable shirts | cleaning products for hands, antibacterial [+] long-term disinfectant for up to ten days | plastic bottles for the food industry | safety glasses for protective masks | examination gloves made from latex sterile not sterile | examination gloves made from vinyl sterile not sterile | examination gloves made from nitrile, sterile and not sterile | gloves for the hygiene sector | plastic bottles in any size | face masks from several manufacturers | types such as kn95, ffp1, ffp2, ffp3, 3m

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    TYSKLAND- Leingarten
    EUMEPRO GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At EUMEPRO GmbH, our aim is to produce medical protective equipment to the highest quality standards in Germany. We manufacture FFP2 and FFP3 masks and medical face masks using a fully automated...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | masks for everyday use | dust masks | reusable respiratory face masks | disposable face masks [+] respiratory masks | surgical masks | medical face masks | surgical disposable masks | type ii surgical masks | type iir surgical masks | disposable face masks | ffp2 coronavirus | face covering | ffp 2 masks

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  • We are a young company that manufactures high-quality non-woven fabrics for protective masks and related accessories. At TM Solution Manufacturing Industry, Made in Germany we guarantee the highest...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Stoffer - ikke-vevde | masks for everyday use | respiratory masks | machines and systems for producing face masks [+] melt-blown nonwovens | face masks (sewing kit) | needle-punched non-wovens | dust masks | nonwovens | non-woven fabrics for the clothing industry | non-woven fabrics for hygiene products | nonwovens for medical applications | machines for manufacturing nonwovens | fleece cuttings

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    TYSKLAND- Scharbeutz
    DROPPAD GBR - Verified by Europages

    Droppad GbR is a new innovative company based in Germany. We have been operating in drop shipping for customers worldwide for several years. We source many of our products from Asia and, due to the...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | Arbeids- og vernetøy | disposable gloves | face protection [+] respiratory face masks | professional clothing for the medical sector | disposable medical supplies | disposable face masks | disposable surgical clothing | personal hygiene products | hospital supplies | kn95 face masks | medical masks | surgical masks

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    TYSKLAND- Monheim Am Rhein
    PRO CARE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Your experienced partner for protective equipment against COVID-19! We'll quickly supply the protective equipment you require, be it face masks, coveralls or safety glasses! Pro Care GmbH is a...

    Leverandør av: Vernemasker | air purifiers | disposable shirts | disinfectants | protective gloves [+] respiratory protection clothing | respiratory masks | disposable face masks | single-use protective clothing | dust masks | rapid virus tests | occupational safety, workplace safety | ppe personal protection equipment | nitrile (latex-free) medical investigation gloves | nbc coveralls

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