acs specialises in anti-stick coatings, anti-friction coatings, corrosion protection and the use of plastics and ceramics as materials for insulation. We provide products and services relating to cooking utensils and pans, baking tins and baking trays, machine and tool construction, the processing industry, transportation and logistics, and a wide range of other sectors. As a technological leader, we provide coatings for both large batches and individual components, ensuring the best possible functionality at a consistent level of quality. We also manufacture the HIFFICIENCY® brand of innovative cooking and baking equipment, which is coated with DURAQUARZ® and DURAPEK®. The pans, pots and various other cooking utensils and equipment that we manufacture can be found in our online shop at As a modern company situated on the edge of the Wadden Sea national park, sustainability, environmental protection and efficiency are of particular importance to us!

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  • Grunnleggelsesår 1993
  • Hovedvirksomhet Hovedvirksomhet Tilvirker/ Produsent

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Bilder som er lagt inn av denne bedriften

  • acs Firmensitz Wilhelmshaven
  • Zusammenarbeit mit Starkoch Juan Amador
  • Beschichtetet GN-Behälter

Nøkkelord knyttet til denne bedriften

  • Plater og former til steking
  • MultiSpeed pans
  • Grilling pans
  • Multi-baking plates
  • teflon coating and teflon application
  • DURAQUARZ® ceramic coating
  • Baking accessories
  • Pans made in Wilhelmshaven
  • Mobile grills
  • Casserole dishes
  • Roasting pans
  • Professional accessories for bakeries and large enterprises
  • Coated GN containers
  • Pizza plates
  • Insulation coatings
  • Coating systems
  • Anti-friction coating
  • frying pans
  • non-stick pans
  • cake tins
  • pots
  • wok
  • braziers
  • Anti-corrosion
  • non-stick coverings
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