For more than 100 years, Atlas has been the pioneer in continually developing new solutions in order to assist companies in testing the durability of their products. From our first instrument in 1915 (the Solar Determinator), which simulated the fading effect the sun has on fabric, through to today's comprehensive network of weathering – a range of services and products for materials testing – our focus has remained the same: We offer our customers sophisticated technologies and advanced testing solutions so that they can determine the durability of their products. As a result, our customers can reach their ultimate goals: Quality products, competitive advantages and faster times to market. We help our customers to develop testing programmes with which they can obtain the data they need to make the right decisions relating to the material performance of their products.

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Bilder som er lagt inn av denne bedriften

  • Ci3000, Ci4000 & Ci5000
  • UVTest
  • Xenotest 440

Nøkkelord knyttet til denne bedriften

  • Produkt- og materialtesting
  • Weathering test devices
  • Plastic testing devices
  • Paint testing devices
  • Testing devices for lightfastness
  • Textile testing devices
  • Outdoor weathering
  • Material testing devices
  • Testing instruments
  • Outdoor weathering (service)
  • Consulting
  • Weathering test equipment
  • Measurement sensors
  • UV tests
  • Corrosion test chambers
  • Flame test chambers
  • Solar simulation
  • corrosion analysers
  • test instruments for the textile industry
  • test instruments for the electrical and electronics industry
  • test instruments for paints, varnishes and enamels
  • test instruments for the plastics industry
  • energy system commissioning tools
  • lighting layout
  • Calibration services for industry
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  • 101 - 200
    Antall ansatte


  • Grunnleggelsesår 1915
  • Hovedvirksomhet Hovedvirksomhet Tilvirker/ Produsent

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