FIS Modular Systems is widely known for its innovative solutions in the field of production of universal modular equipment for the manufacture of a completely new range of confectionery, cottage cheese and desserts, as well as a new class of "gastronomic cakes" made from meat, fish, poultry, salads and other original and unexpected ingredients.

Our equipment is more affordable due to the presence of a single control system and replaceable modules that can be combined and get new configurations, and You can purchase an additional module at any time, if you wish, and produce products of a completely new type.

We can adapt parts of our complex to Your production. We connect our modules to existing lines and the company is transformed in the range.

Our equipment is assembled in Moscow from German units and components, and the projects are supported by Neofood and the ZDS Confectionery Academy from Solingen, Germany, so we get a Russian creative based on German quality. This gives us a flexible price, and a great price advantage.

With our complex, you will always keep up with the times. If the demand for one product drops, you will make a dozen new ones. With our confectionery complex, You no longer have a limited range of products. You no longer need to buy any equipment to expand your product range. It all depends on your imagination.

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  • Grunnleggelsesår 1998
  • Bedriftens natur Bedriftens natur Hovedkontor, Morselskap
  • Hovedvirksomhet Hovedvirksomhet Tilvirker/ Produsent

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  • Bakervarer, konditorvarer, kjeks, konfekt - maskiner og utstyr
  • Mekaniske eltemaskiner til bakerier
  • Kjeksproduksjon - maskiner og utstyr for profesjonelle
  • Sukkervarer - maskiner og utstyr til industrien
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  • Confectionery equipment manufacturer
  • Complete line for the production of confectionery products
  • cream whippers
  • patisserie equipment
  • industrial whipping and heating machines
  • biscuit production systems and equipment
  • continuous blast freezers
  • kneaders and mixers for confectionery
  • equipment for bakeries
  • refiners for patisseries
  • supplies for the pastry-making industry
  • candy production systems and equipment
  • rolling machines for bakeries, biscuit factories and confectionery
  • ovens for patisseries
  • wholesale of machines for bakeries
  • chocolate production equipment
  • fast pre-mixes
  • refrigerated pastry counter
  • spicers
  • industrial peeling machine
  • Industrial baking ovens
  • cooling tunnel
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