Today, the name FLUX is seen as a hallmark for top class pump technologies worldwide. Yet it all began in 1950 with the invention of the first electric barrel pump. Now FLUX has a wide customisable product range. FLUX pumps are used, for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in machine and system manufacturing as well as by companies in the electroplating technology, waste water treatment and food processing industries. Whether as an individual solution or a system solution, FLUX quality means long service lives, excellent cost-efficiency and the highest degree of safety. Alongside exceptional FLUX product quality and reliability, our customers value the outstanding technical competence and customer focus of our staff. Today, FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH supplies pumps in almost 100 countries across the world.

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Ekstra informasjon

  • 101 - 200
    Antall ansatte
  • Grunnleggelsesår 1951
  • Hovedvirksomhet Hovedvirksomhet Tilvirker/ Produsent
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Bilder som er lagt inn av denne bedriften
  • Fasspumpen und Containerpumpen
  • Exzenterschneckenpumpen
  • Durchflussmesser, Flüssigkeits-Mengenmesser
Nøkkelord knyttet til denne bedriften
  • Pumper
  • Volumstrømmåler
  • Doseringspumpe
  • Installation construction
  • Filling systems
  • Mixing pumps
  • liquid flow metering instruments
  • Industrial pumps
  • compressed-air motors
  • industrial mixers
  • drum pumps
  • membrane pumps
  • underwater pumps
  • Chemical pumps
  • pumps for chemicals
  • pumps for solids
  • double-membrane pumps
  • electric pumps
  • sump pumps
  • horizontal pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • pumps for alkalis
  • pumps for industrial uses
  • pumps for dense liquids
  • solvent pumps
  • pumps for the food industry
  • anti-corrosion pumps
  • Pumps for industry
  • pumps for viscous substances
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