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Our guiding principle is to use our products to protect people, and to make it truly safe to work with machines. The most important thing to us is to serve anyone who may benefit from the use of our systems and services and, as a result, to provide them or their customers with a high level of satisfaction. We see our customers as individuals. We therefore strive to meet the needs of our partners and to build up a good level of cooperation for our processing. We take responsibility for our customers and this is why we commit ourselves to high quality standards because, at TIEMANN Schutz-Systeme, only high-quality raw materials and tested components are used. In the long term, this is always a more cost-effective alternative. We know that the ability to meet the needs of the customers in the best-possible way depends on the creativity, skills, diversity and teamwork of our employees.

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  • Ledninger og kabler av jernholdig metall
  • Ledninger og kabler av ikke-jernholdig metall
  • Tungmetallkonstruksjon
  • Lettmetallkonstruksjon
  • Rister, gitter og metallduker
  • Bolter
  • Armaturer - sanitæranlegg
  • Jernvarer til byggebransjen
  • Jernvarer til industrielle formål
  • Reparasjon av industrielt utstyr