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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    LLC POLIMER MEGAPOLIS - Verified by Europages

    POLIMER MEGAPOLIS LLC is a Moscow manufacturing company founded in 2004. The company conducts activities for the production and sale in the Russian and foreign markets of high-quality acrylic-based...

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | decorative paints | Maling og lakk | Byggmaterialer | Bygg - vegger og innredning [+] Emulsjonsmaling | Ferdigstilling | Gipspuss | Lakk | Tapeter | colours and paints | decoration plaster stuccos | ecological paints | finishing work for the home decoration sector | industrial colourants and pigment

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    TYRKIA- Istanbul

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | decorative stones | Bygg - vegger og innredning | Tapeter

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    SLOVENIA- Ljubljana

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Fasademurstein | Byggmaterialer

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    SPANIA- Valencia

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Spesialsement | customising; inner and outer coatings | bathroom coverings

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    SPANIA- Estepona

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Kretskort - tynt belegg | furniture, floors

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    MAROKKO- Fes

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Pyntegjenstander av keramikk | ceramic

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    ITALIA- Montecchio Maggiore (Vi)

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Råbygg | Fasadekledning | outdoor building covers

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    TYRKIA- Istanbul

    Leverandør av: decorative covering | Import/eksport - bygg og anlegg | insulating material

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  • Leverandør av: decorative covering | Maling og lakk | façade coverings

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    RUSSLAND- Belorechensk
    FOREST OF RUSSIA - Verified by Europages

    ... —decorative veneer lumber, —wall coverings (painted, veneered and made of PVC), —furniture boards, —wood décor made of valuable wood species. Russian Forest has been engaged in woodworking since 2014. The main...

    Leverandør av: decorative wood | Brannhemmende byggematerialer | Byggematerialer - industrielle maskiner og utstyr | Oppsaget og behandlet tre | Finértre [+] Oppsaget og høvlet tre | Tapeter | smooth rods | building timber | wooden biscuits for joinery | wholesale tables | planks | building boards | custom-made dashboards | wholesale of work timber

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  • ...Cake and ice cream decorations. Our range covers all celebrations and common events. We target our clients among wholesalers - resellers and industrial manufacturers in Europe, America and the Middle East.

    Leverandør av: chocolate decorations | marzipan decorations | Konditorivarer | Bakervarer, konditorvarer, kjeks, konfekt - maskiner og utstyr | chocolate candy [+] hand crafted chocolate | praline maker | chocolate and cocoa sweets | filled chocolates | mould design and construction | customised chocolate logos | cake decorations | printing on chocolate | chocolate thermoforming

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    RUSSLAND- Bugulma
    FBRUSH, LLC - Verified by Europages

    The company "Ecommers Flagman" LLC is one of the largest manufacturers of Photo wallpaper. Our main product is Photo wallpaper, they are able to transform the most ordinary room beyond recognition:...

    Leverandør av: production of decorative wall coverings | artistic decorations | Tapeter | Trykking - digital | Tapeter - spesielle [+] wall paints | frescoes | wallpaper - printing | wallpapers | curtain making up workshop | digital printing | wall painting | items for mural decorations | printing services | artistic design

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  • ...used EUR-pallets, production of special pallets, sample pallets, building prototypes, decorative films, finishing films, packaging pallets, choice of two pallets, rough/coated, cover panels

    Leverandør av: Sponplater | Treplater | Hard finér | masonite | laminated wood [+] chipboard | curved furnishing plywood | hardboard panels | air cargo pallets | osb panels | plywood panels for noise insulation | machining wood and wooden materials | perforated wooden panels | chipboard panels coated with melamine resin | soft fibre boards

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  • ...and pareos for SPAS , eye patches, tunics, covers for massage tables. Materials: cotton, flax, modal, bamboo, polyester, viscose. We implement: weaving, finishes, dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery,...

    Leverandør av: Ulltepper, sengetepper, dyner og dundyner | Gardiner | wool rugs | sheet manufacturer | bed linen sets [+] manufacturer of percale cotton items | manufacturer of microfibre items | bedspread manufacturer | decorative bedspread and runners | manufacturer of blankets | pillowcase manufacturer | manufacturer of pillows | manufacturer of napkins | manufacturer of cotton items for the table | manufacturer of toilet gloves

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    TYSKLAND- Enger
    ELEKTRA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We manufacture durable and reliable lighting solutions which are implemented in line with the market and which correspond to your requirements. Whether for furniture, kitchens, shopfitting or...

    Leverandør av: Hjemmebelysning og tilbehør | Elektroniske koblinger | led interior lights | led downlights | miniature connectors [+] led lighting systems | led fluorescent | led recessed down lights | led retrofit lights | light box led | led driver | indoor lighting | modern lights | led lighting | built-in lights

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  • ...– vandal-proof coating for the decoration and wall protection. An unique solution for transforming the kitchen, hallway, living and children's room. Recommended for office and public...

    Leverandør av: decorative stuccos | artistic decorations | decorative plaster | Tapeter | Tapeter - spesielle [+] Trykking - digital | decorative stucco work | digital printing | printing services | frescoes | printed vinyl wallpaper | wallpaper - printing | wallpaper | art prints | plaster finishes

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    RUSSLAND- Vyaz'niki
    LLC VLADTEX-EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    ...Our main products in this area are tarpaulin covers with water-repellent, fire-retardant and combined impregnations. These are used, for example, in the defence, heavy and construction industries, agriculture and...

    Leverandør av: decoration fabrics | Lin - stoffer | Tekniske tekstiler | Sengetøy | Ferdigbehandling av tekstiler [+] Møbelstoffer | Gardiner | Tekstiler - import/eksport | cotton | tarpaulin covers | fabrics for furnishings | folders | jacquards | linen fabrics | textile industry

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    TYRKIA- Muratpasa Antalya
    ISIL GRANIT MERMER - Verified by Europages international standards. We also produce decorative and artistic products from natural stones, many of which are our own designs. We offer our decorative natural stone products we designed and...

    Leverandør av: Marmor og naturstein | Marmor | Granitt | coloured marbles | international marbles [+] marble blocks | artistic marble working | furnishing marble | marble floors | marble table | marble staircase | marble tiles | working of marble and granite | black granite | foreign granites

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    BELGIA- Zaventem
    BOIS ANTIQUE SPRL - Verified by Europages Transylvania. The wood looks naturally distressed, which is highly stylish for decorating houses, flats or shops. Wagon flooring available as cladding or floorboards. It is an ideal covering material.

    Leverandør av: Import/eksport - tre | rustic beams made of polyurethene and distressed wood | antique door | antique wood furniture | antique parquet [+] antique tables | aged wood | old wood

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    TYSKLAND- Bad Laasphe
    HA-WI KUNSTSTOFFE GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plast - produkter til industrien

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    FRANKRIKE- Pleucadeuc

    ...dedicated, certified industrial production sites covering more than 12, 000 m2, high-tech and scalable. Flexible tools offering excellent responsiveness and tailored production. Numerous manufacturing and...

    Leverandør av: Sauser | Næringsmidler - import/eksport

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