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    TYSKLAND- Lübeck
    ENOL FOLIEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We have been active on the German and European packaging markets since 2005 with steadily growing success. This is largely thanks to our many satisfied customers. We provide films and bags 'à la...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Fleksibel emballasje | packaging films | flap pouches | bags with adhesive sealing [+] header bags | aluminium compound foil bags | envelopes, transparent | polybags | flat bags | greetings card packaging | greetings card packaging | polypropylene pouches | stand-up pouches (doypack) | mailing bags

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  • Design meets functionality: Eye-catching transparent packaging. As a traditional manufacturer of transparent packaging and a wide range of other film products, we recognise the value that packaging...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Forpakning | Skreddersydd emballasje - bedrifter | Kontraktpakking | folding cases [+] plastic packaging for speciality foods | copolymer | taping | plastic food containers | square plastic packaging | round plastic packaging | packaging for confectionary | polyethylene packaging solutions | plastic materials for packaging | packaging films for the food processing industry

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    PROTEK GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Protek group is the largest Russian, federal, trade and production network for the production of food packaging. We have been manufacturing packaging materials, plastic packaging for the food...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Emballasje til næringsmidler | containers for food use | disposable forks | food wrap [+] food-grade polypropylene packaging | fruit packaging | hermetic packaging | ice-cream packaging | pastry and bakery containers | packaging for foods | packaging for meat | packaging for the food-processing industry | pet containers | plastic bowls

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  • We are a medium-sized, owner-operated manufacturer of plastic packings made of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) and offer suitable, cost-effective film packagings for almost all products...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | rubbish bags | packaging films | heat-shrink sleeves | polyethylene films [+] taping | extensible film for packaging | stretchable films | straps | face protection | food-grade film | cover hoods made of polyethylene | sacks and bags for packaging | side gusseted bags | flat pouches

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    SVEITS- Pratteln
    LOGO-PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    It is our mission and challenge to find the perfect plastic packaging for your goods. For over four decades, we have supported our customers in creating packaging solutions from plastic. These many...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Kanner av plast | packaging for dangerous goods | pet packaging | plastics manufacturing [+] environmentally-friendly packaging | r-hdpe bottles | marine plastic bottles | round containers | buckets and beakers | adblue | closures | r-pet bottles | bottles for the drinks industry | pet plastic bottles

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  • LOUVRETTE has specialised in the development and production of top-quality plastic packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry for more than half a century.

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Plast - produkter til klesindustrien | Forpakning | Flasker og krukker av plast | plastic boxes [+] packing containers | global packaging solutions | machine building | cosmetic packaging | packaging for cosmetic products | pots for the cosmetics sector | soft tubes for cosmetic creams | plastic tubes | dispensers | containers for cosmetics

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    TYSKLAND- Hergensweiler
    ROSE PLASTIC AG - Verified by Europages

    rose plastic is regarded as the world’s No. 1 supplier of high-quality hard plastic packaging for the tooling industry. But many other industries also appreciate the uncompromising quality, precision...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Forpakning | Plast - emballasje | plastic case | plastic packaging [+] flexible packaging | packing chains | packing containers | hard shell cases | plastic bushes | case for musical instruments | plastic carrying containers | plastic storage boxes | containers for tools | tool packaging

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  • Smolensk Plant of Plastic Products LLC is a modern an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic closures the "Guala" type (mainly for vodka). Our five-piece plastic caps consist of: top...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Korker og kapsler av plast | bottles caps | plastic plugs | pressure caps [+] covers | stoppers | pads | plastic covers for packing | plastic capsules for packaging | plastic lids | plastic caps | capsules for customised bottle topping | plastic stoppers for packaging | pilfer-proof caps

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    RUSSLAND- Moscow
    JETLAB LLC - Verified by Europages

    JetLab is the inventor and manufacturer of JetBottle, an innovative plastic bag for safe transportation of bottles in luggage. JetBottle is an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to plastic bags...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Skreddersydd emballasje - bedrifter | Beskyttelsestrekk - kontraktpakking | Etuier og holdere - kontraktpakking | Fjellvandring - artikler [+] Varetransport | Gaver, suvenirer og reklameartikler | Firmagaver | hermetic packaging | packaging containers | protective packaging | innovative products | flexible plastic packaging | flexible polyethylene packaging | wine bottle transport

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    STORBRITANNIA- North Ferriby
    LIFESTYLE PACKAGING - Verified by Europages

    Lifestyle Packaging is a business built to almost 60 years of market-leading packaging and supply chain experience. Offering a complete package solution back to with expert knowledge across a range...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Kontraktpakking | Forpakning | Glassemballasje | Gassflasker og -krukker [+] Flasker og krukker av plast | packaging design | containers | glass containers | plastic containers | perfume packaging to order | skincare packaging | aromatherapy glass bottles | home fragrance glass bottles | personal fragrance glass bottles

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    ITALIA- Motta Di Livenza
    INIPRESS SPA - Verified by Europages

    Inipress was the first plastic industry company in the Motta di Livenza area, Treviso province. Its name comes from the injection press, the main technology used in the moulding of materials. Enables...

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Emballasje til næringsmidler | Støping av plastmateriale | Esker av plast | Plast - emballasje [+] plastic materials | packing and packaging containers | packaging for foods | plastic containers for the food and canning industry | pp packaging

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    SPANIA- Cornellá De Llobregat (barcelona)
    FACA PACKAGING - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Plast - emballasje

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    SERBIA- Čačak
    UNIPLAST DOO - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje

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    SPANIA- Barberá Del Vallés-Barcelona
    EXPLATEC - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Polyetylen

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    TSJEKKIA- Jiřice
    PETRAPLAST S.R.O. - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Kasser av plast | Gummi og plast - bearbeiding | Emballasje og innpakking - maskiner og utstyr | Plast - produkter til industrien

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    FRANKRIKE- Dunkerque Cedex 2
    DISTRIPLAST - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Emballering - bedrifter | Kasser av plast | Esker av plast

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    FRANKRIKE- Dombasle Sur Meurthe

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Tønner og fat av metall | Emballasje og innpakking av metall | Emballasje til næringsmidler

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    RUSSLAND- Republic Of Tatarstan
    IPLAST LTD - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Beholdere | Søppelkasser, avfallsbeholdere | Esker av plast | Kasser av plast

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  • Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Folie til emballasje | Emballasje til næringsmidler | Laminat av plast | Limbånd

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    SAUDI-ARABIA- Jeddah
    3P GULF GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Forpakning | Kontraktpakking | Skreddersydd emballasje - bedrifter

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    ITALIA- Fubine Monferrato
    POZZI CERRINA - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Etuier og holdere - kontraktpakking | Utstillingsstativer til butikker | Læretuier | Esker av plast

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    TYSKLAND- Sinn
    KIM KRANHOLDT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Plast - emballasje | Serigrafi | Kontor - utstyr | Aktomslag - kontorutstyr

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    ITALIA- Osteria Grande-Castel San Pietro Terme
    VIFERMECA - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Støping av plastmateriale | Innsprøyting av gummi og plast | Forsterket plast - formstøping | Stål og metaller - sveising og lodding

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    TYSKLAND- Sundern (sauerland)
    SCAFA THERMOFORMING - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje

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  • Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Paller | Emballasje og innpakking - maskiner og utstyr

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    NEDERLAND- Linde
    JOOP VOET - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Plast - emballasje | Emballasje til næringsmidler | Forpakning | Kontraktpakking

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  • Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Banderingsmaskiner | Emballasje og innpakking - maskiner og utstyr | Maskiner og utstyr - brukt og overhalt | Kontinuerlig lagerarbeid - systemer

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    ITALIA- Caselle Landi
    PICCOLI PLAST S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje

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  • Leverandør av: Plastemballasje

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  • G.N.C.
    ITALIA- Azzio
    G.N.C. - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Plastemballasje | Pappesker | Emballering - bedrifter | Plast - emballasje | Esker av plast

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