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  • BMT, LTD
    RUSSLAND- Vladimir
    BMT, LTD - Verified by Europages

    BMT is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of filtration equipment. The company was founded in 2005 to develop filter systems for the analysis of surface, ground and drinking water....

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr | Vakuumpumper | Destillering av alkohol og brennevin - maskiner og utstyr | Behandling av vann - apparater og installasjoner [+] Bløtgjøring av vann - apparater og installasjoner | Kjemisk filtrering | industrial filters | drinking water filters | filtering units for water systems | purification filters | water filtering | filtration plants | pvc water filters | industrial filtration

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    TYSKLAND- Polch
    A³ VLIESSTOFFE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We provide reliable, long-lasting and customised solutions in the field of liquid and air filtration. Our customers benefit from over 30 years' experience in advising, servicing and delivering...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Stoffer - ikke-vevde | Filtrering av luft - utstyr | non-woven fabric rolls and wheels | filtering fabrics [+] absorbents | belt filters | filtering bags | filters | liquid chemical filters | liquid filters | filters, air and gas | non-slip industrial flooring | anti-slip mats | non-woven filter materials

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  • With almost 300 years of experience in filtration using filter presses, Aquachem can provide an efficient and optimum solution for a number of applications. Since 2000, we have been working hard to...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr | Doseringspumpe | Pumper | filter-crushing presses [+] filters for the chemical industry | high-pressure pumps | plant construction | sewage pumps | design of equipment for clean-up | machine tool filters | cartridge filters for water treatment | filter systems | membrane pumps | filters for waste water treatment technology

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  • Measuring and analysis technology is our area of expertise. In addition to all standard versions, we specialise in complex tasks and special requests. Since all our manufacturing is carried out...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | screening machines, screening plants and screening equipment | filters | sieving machines | metrology [+] hoppers for pharmaceutical industry | funnels | wire caps | test screens | general filters | protective sieves | laboratory sieves | test tube stands | filter screens | screen mesh

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    TYSKLAND- Weißenhorn
    FILTERTECHNIK JÄGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At our company, we develop and package non-woven filter materials by hand, especially the new CoraPleat elements. This means that you receive a product from us that was both developed and built in...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | sheets for filters | membrane filters | activated carbon filter | belt filters [+] filters for the chemical industry | cora®pleat e filter elements | non-woven filter materials | non-woven precoats | bag filter housings | pocket filter | cartridge filter housings | filter cartridges | non-woven fabrics | housings for filter bags

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    TYSKLAND- Schwerin
    HNP MIKROSYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our vision: Our products facilitate innovations and the expansion of process boundaries in the areas of life sciences, mechanical engineering and chemistry. We develop, produce and sell pumps and...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Pumper | Tannhjulspumper | Hydrauliske pumper | Doseringspumpe [+] micropumps | self-activating pumps | gear pumps | pumps | pumps for industrial uses | viscose liquid pumps | filters for the chemical industry | liquid chemical filters | self-priming pumps | paint dosing accessories and systems

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    RUSSLAND- Vladimir
    TECHNOFILTER RME - Verified by Europages

    TECHNOFILTER RME company offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, food and beverage industry, chemical, microelectronics and machine...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr | Drikker - industrielle maskiner og utstyr | Sanering av vann | drinking water filters [+] filtering cartridges | filtration units | water filters | filtration equipment | filtration plants | filtering units for the beverages industry | filtration of beverages | filtration of beer | filtration of pharmaceuticals | cartridge filters

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    SPANIA- Erandio-Vizcaya
    FLUYTEC - Verified by Europages

    Leading company in the filtering and water purification sector for human, industrial and farm consumption. Filter body, wound filtering cartridges, filtering baskets, wound polypropylene cartridges....

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr | industrial filters | filters | anthracite filter [+] header pipes | membrane bioreactors | self-cleaning filters for water systems | filters and filter elements | industrial filtration | cartridge filters | self-cleaning filters | industrial filters | ultrafiltration

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    CHOQUENET SAS - Verified by Europages

    Since 1925 CHOQUENET has been specialised in the design and manufacture of filter presses and thickener filters for industry. We design filter-presses or tray filters and thickener filters and candle...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Behandling av spillvann fra industri | press filters | filter press for wastewater | sludge thickening table [+] filter design for the sugar industry | thickener filters for the sugar industry | thickener filters for the food industry | laboratory press filter | press filter trailer | filtration trailer | thickener filters for the chemicals industry | industrial liquid solid separator | candle filter for the chemicals industry | tray filter

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    FRANKRIKE- Moret-Loing-Et-Orvanne
    NEGOFILTRES - Verified by Europages

    Négofiltres, the bespoke industrial filter. Négofiltres is a French company situated in the Seine-et-Marne region that specialises in the manufacture and trade of bespoke industrial filters. The...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Rister av metall | Rister, gitter og metallduker | industrial filters | metal filter [+] filtering cartridges | industrial filtration | wire cloth | basket filters | microfiltration | expanded metal | punched plate | perforated plate filter | stainless steel filter | stainless steel filtering media

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    TYSKLAND- Stadtallendorf
    FAUDI GMBH - Verified by Europages

    FAUDI is a globally established company in the filtration and separation technology sector and your point of contact where the smooth operation of systems is concerned. Decades of experience in...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | belt filters | filter systems | filters for the chemical industry | magnetic separators [+] precoat filters | briquette presses | filter systems for cooling lubricants | filter systems for separating liquid and solid materials | gas separators | coolant cleaning systems | backflushing filters, automatic | basket strainers | vacuum filters | pressure belt filters

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    TYSKLAND- Neuenstein
    MF MICROFILTER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    microfilter GmbH develops high-pressure filters, pressure filters and filter inserts for liquid and gaseous media. We're happy to show your our extensive range, developed over 30 years of trading, as...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Oljefiltre | filters for the chemical industry | filters and filter elements | differential pressure switches [+] wire grilles, spot welded | hydraulic filters | filter cartridges | filter cartridges | high-pressure filters | oil filters (lubricating oil filters) | pressure filters | ultra-filtering | filtering strainer | round blanks made of wire cloth

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    ITALIA- Sordio
    BRUNO WOLHFARTH - Verified by Europages

    The company was founded in the 1960s by Bruno Wolhfarth, its ingenious and persevering founder, who created the all-stainless steel round seal-free plate filter and had it patented. This invention...

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Kjemi og farmasi - maskiner og utstyr | Næringsmiddelindustri, diverse - maskiner og utstyr | Pumper | electropumps [+] systems and equipment for the food and canning industry | systems and equipment for producing preserves, marmalades and candied fruit | pumps for acids | machines and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry | stainless steel filters | electrically-driven sanitary pumps | advice on industrial automation | national collective agreements applied | devices for pharmaceutical laboratories

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    TYSKLAND- Aachen
    POREX TECHNOLOGIES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Oljefiltre

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Gassfiltre

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    TYSKLAND- Dortmund
    TRIDELTA SIPERM GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre

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    ITALIA- Bornasco
    MICRO STAR S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Filtrering - apparater og utstyr

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    TYSKLAND- Neumarkt
    FIBALON GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | Vedlikehold av svømmebasseng - produkter | Vannavløp - installasjoner og utstyr

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre

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    TYRKIA- Kocaeli

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | air filters | accessories for compressors | air filter compressors

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    TYSKLAND- Grafschaft-Gelsdorf

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | air filters

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre

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    SVEITS- Unterentfelden

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | needle valves | water filters | non-return valves | safety valve

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  • 1-2-3 FILTER GMBH
    TYSKLAND- Hamburg

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | coffee filter papers | electric coffee grinders | tea cups | water filters

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | filters and filter elements | fuel filters | oil filters | belt filters

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | hydraulic filters

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  • Leverandør av: Væskefiltre | coffee filters | water filters | activated carbon filter | dust filters

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    TYSKLAND- Groß-Rohrheim

    Leverandør av: Væskefiltre

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